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Six Creative Ways To Gift-Wrap This Christmas

December 15, 2014

It's exactly 10 days to Christmas, and it's about time to get down to wrapping your gifts this week.

What makes a gift a treasured one? We say, 50% goes to the thought put into the contents of the gift, and the other half goes to the extra love and care given to its packaging. Beyond the commercially festive wrapping paper available out there, have you ever considered doing things a little differently this year?

All thanks to the brilliance of our crafty gurus, Justina and Marisa, we have a few new tricks up our sleeves this year. Check out the following gift wrapping ideas which are not only Pinterest-worthy, but eco-friendly too!


1) Do you have a garden of lovingly tended plants and blooms? Pick out some broad leaves as the wrapping base, with assorted flowers as toppers. The 100% compostable gift wrap just needs some green artist’s tape to complete the au naturel look. [Justina]


2) Recycled kraft papers are perfect as a neutral base, after which you can let the topping be the highlight - with flowers, leaves, incense, doilies and broaches - items which can largely be reused, or returned to Mother Nature in the form of compost. [Justina]


3) Old, beloved books can get a new lease of life in more ways than one. Tear out pages with meaningful quotes or beautiful imagery as wrapping paper, or you can also do cut-outs of your favourite fictional characters as wrapping garnish. There are also fun ways to make your cut-outs stand out even further, such as a DIY wire coil which lends a lovely 3D effect. [Justina]


4) Succulent cuttings, air plants and dried flowers can add a gorgeous, rustic look to your gift. Dried leaves can also easily double up as gift tags. [Justina]


5) Are you loving Justina's plant-inspired gift wrapping ideas, but just do not have easy access to these organic materials? Try 'Kirigami' instead. All you need is a pair of scissors and origami paper to create these beautiful paper cut-outs which unfolds into flowers and butterflies. Marisa has a creative series of Kirigami tutorials available on her website. [Marisa]


6) 'Furoshiki' or Japanese wrapping cloth come in a variety of prints and are a beautiful and functional way to wrap gifts. You can try this at home with a square piece of fabric, and the most basic method of tying is to tie two opposite corners of the parcel, followed by the overlapping set of opposite corners. [Marisa]

We hope you have been as inspired as we are by Justina and Marisa. Do head on over to their wonderful blogs for more DIY ideas!


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Merry Christmas, y'all!

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