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Stylish diaper AND camera bags!

March 03, 2014

As we enter the world of amazing motherhood, we've come to realize that many stylish mums often want to carry a camera with their diaper bags to capture precious moments with their little bubs.

We'll admit - when we first started designing our first collection of pretty camera bags, we were mainly focused on providing practical and stylish carrying solutions for cameras and personal items.

Well guess what! We've had plenty of ingenious mums who have started using our Aide de Camp camera bags as stylish diaper AND camera bags. They've told us they love the adjustable velcro dividers in our padded box, the lightweight, water-resistant nylon material and comfort handles.

And truly, mums always have the right answer! With ADC bags, you can now organize everything you need with ease- diapers, wipes, creams, bottles AND your camera!

The Evie bag (above) allows you to see all your items at one glance with a single zip closure up top. A large zipper pocket divider allows you to keep personal items securely even if you choose to leave your bag open for easy access.

For longer days out or plane rides, many mums have chosen to use our Valencia travel tote to carry everything they need and more! Spend more time focused on your little one instead of rummaging through disorganized diaper bags or worrying about keeping your camera secure in regular bags.

Cheers to our stylish, gorgeous mums who have shared this little tip with us! :)


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