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Valencia - a stylish two-in-one camera bag made for travel

January 24, 2014

When taking trips, it's often hard to decide whether to bring along your camera gear. Before we started ADC, we shared the same concerns with our female photographer friends on the challenges of carrying different bags - one for your camera gear, and one for your personal items.

Not only would it be cumbersome to carry two bags through customs, a bag that shouted "camera bag!" would attract attention and the potential eyes of someone looking to steal your gear.

Enter our Valencia travel tote - a stylish two-in-one camera bag that was made for the traveling photographer!

Exactly which part of it is two-in-one, you ask? The inner camera pouch nestles securely inside our travel tote which allows you to carry all your camera gear and personal items inside one bag when going through customs or moving around:

When you're at your destination, if you feel like taking only your camera gear out for a spin, simply detach the inner pouch and attach our cross-body sling for a separate sling bag!

The inner pouch cum sling bag also comes with a zippered pocket outside and a slip-in pocket inside for any small items you'd want to bring along with your camera.

What's more, the camera box is removable from the inner pouch cum sling bag should you decide to leave your camera gear in the hotel room and use it as a regular bag.

With this inner pouch removed, the exterior Valencia tote can be used for more of your personal items and shopping. There's no longer a need to pack both a camera bag and a separate handbag or shopping tote in your suitcase.

Even with the inner camera pouch packed into the external tote, see just how much you can fit:

What's more, the Valencia tote rests securely on any roll-along suitcase so your shoulders don't have to take the brunt when walking around with heavy loads. When not using this function, simply zip up the lower zippers to make it a slip pocket.

The Valencia two-in-one travel tote is made with genuine leather handles for durability, premium light-weight and water-resistant nylon and 14k gold plated hardware for an extra luxe finish.

With all these features packed into a stylish camera bag for travel, what's there not to love!

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