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Rei x Sandy

January 20, 2014

As a new brand, we love hearing feedback from our customers on what they like about our bags and what we can improve on.

When asked for feedback in general, one of the lovely users of our bags sent us a full review and we couldn't help but share it with you!

So here we go, a review on Rei from Sandy, a hobbyist photographer and public servant based in Australia. (But before that, we asked her to share some photos for us to have a glimpse of her world through her beautiful lenses...)

Some of Sandy's favorite photographs:

Her candid take on Rei:

When I first saw the ADC launch collection, I was impressed! It was no longer a choice between carrying my dSLR into an ugly and functional bag or simply chucking it into one of my handbags *gasps* (yes, I’m a terrible owner). So, I made up my mind to get one of the bags to make it up to my long-suffering camera.

I eventually picked the Rei and here's my review of the bag:

Why Rei:

Being a casual photographer, I don’t have much equipment to carry. Usually it’d just be my Canon 450D + 18-55mm f2.8 lens so I ruled out the larger options like Valencia. I also wanted something a bit more glam for the stylish and put-together look since my wardrobe was sorely lacking in such options. Rei was a natural choice for me with its classy lock clasp and short handle option.

Three things I love about it:

    1. The carrying strap: My favourite feature of the bag because it is so comfortable. The neoprene material keeps it secure (which means none of that annoying strap-sliding-off-shoulder issue) but doesn’t cut into your shoulders. The most part of the strap is leather, keeping the overall look stylish.
      2. The pocket at the back of the bag: Super useful for keeping stuff you need to retrieve all the time e.g. phone and ezlink card without needing to ‘unlock’ the clasp.
        3. The camera padding box: Lightweight but sturdily padded, it keeps the equipment secure. The dividers are also adjustable so you can have flexibility to partition it however you like (or not partition it at all, see below)

          What I’m not so crazy about:

          I’m a bit hard-pressed to think of something but if there was just one thing… Probably because it was made to fit snugly, it is a bit of a struggle to remove/ put in the camera box for times where I want to carry the bag without the camera (and I’ve done that a lot!) However, I’ve found my own quick-fix around that by keeping the box in the bag, just without the partitions. It doesn't add much weight and also reinforces the structured shape.

          Overall verdict:

          I love how it looks structured but is light at the same time because the nylon material. The latter is a big draw for me given that I don’t really want to be carrying around any extra weight other than equipment if I'm out and about for an entire day. I’ve gotten compliments from people for it from the first day I brought it out which kind of surprised me because it is a really understated black bag. Am super pleased with the purchase!

          Thank you so much for your review Sandy! For all the other lovely ladies out there, we welcome your feedback or suggestions that will help us to create great bags for you. :)

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