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Welcome to Aide de Camp!

October 24, 2013

Hello for the very first time from Aide de Camp (or ADC in short)!

A little bit about us

At Aide de Camp we design bags to assist and empower women on a daily basis. The term ‘aide-de-camp’ is French for camp assistant, the foremost personal aide to a high-ranking official. A friend, Daniel Yap, came up with the name one day and we immediately fell in love with it.

We felt our core business and design philosophies deeply resonated with the duties of the aide-de-camp – we believe in creating functional bags that support you and your busy lifestyle. ADC bags can carry all your gear and daily essentials with ease, without compromising on style.

Creating the first collection of camera handbags

It's taken us close to two years to get this launched with many ups and downs. But thanks to the encouragement of friends and family, we persevered and here we are! We've also learnt a lot in the journey of manufacturing great bags and we hope this translates into the products that we create for you. 

In the next few posts, we hope to share more about each bag and the processes that went into making it. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy our bags!



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